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SSR-10DA 10A Solid State Relay 3 - 32 VDC Control AC

SSR-10DA 10A Solid State Relay 3 - 32 VDC Control AC

SSR-10DA 10A solid state relay 3 - 32 VD Ccontrol AC

Product Name: DC-AC Solid State Relay

Model: SSR-10DA

Control signal: 3-32VDC

Load voltage: 24-380VAC

Product size: 62*45*23.5mm

Selection and use of solid-state relays:

When choosing a solid-state relay, buy 2-3 times greater than the actual current. For example, if your actual load is 2200W (voltage 220V) and the current is 10A, we buy 20-30A and need to install a radiator. (Note: The radiator above 5A needs to be installed)

To ensure the heat dissipation performance, please apply thermal grease to the radiator.

   Thermally conductive silicone grease is commonly known as heat dissipating paste. Thermally conductive silicone grease uses organosilicon as the main raw material, adding heat-resistant and thermally conductive materials to make a thermally conductive silicone grease-like compound for power amplifiers , transistors, tubes, CPUs The heat conduction and heat dissipation of the original electronic components, so as to ensure the stability of the electrical performance of electronic instruments and meters.


The output of the single-phase DC solid-state relay adopts photoelectric or electromagnetic isolation technology, and replaces the traditional electromagnetic contacts with power transistors or high-power MOS tube devices. It is a non-contact switch of the switching device. It has long life, high reliability, fast switching speed, and control. The advantages of low power and strong anti-interference ability.

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SSR-10DA 10A Solid State Relay 3 - 32 VDC Control AC
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